Keeping Your Restaurant Staff Safe From Falls


When it comes to life in a busy restaurant, one of your top priorities as a boss, manager, or owner is to ensure the safety of your staff. There are numerous risks involved in the restaurant business. From kitchen burns to knife cuts, working in this fast-paced setting can be hazardous.
One particularly big risk in the restaurant world is slipping and falling. With pools of water near the dish pit and grease surrounding the cooking equipment, it is easy for your staff to take a tumble while scurrying around.

If you are looking to improve the safety of your kitchen and wait staff, we invite you to check out the following tips on how you can reduce the risk of falls in your busy restaurant. Contact us at any time to learn more about the installation of anti-slip floor coatings.

#1: Require The Right Footwear

One of the first things you should do is implement a footwear policy for your staff. From the chef in the back of the house to the server bringing food to the guests, makes sure everyone is wearing the right footwear for the job. Everyone working in the restaurant should be wearing a non-slip shoe, such as the popular “Shoes For Crews.” These shoes should not only be slip resistant, but they should also be close-toed to protect against spills.

In many cases, restaurant owners will supply their staff with these shoes as a part of their uniform. No matter how you go about ensuring everyone has non-slip shoes, be vigilant about enforcing the rule. Make sure no one gets away with skipping out on this important safety tip.

#2: Train Your Staff In Stress Management

What does stress management have to do with slipping and falling? It’s simple really. The more stressed your employees become and the less capable they are of managing this stress, the more rushed and less careful they will become. This can lead to staff members running through slick areas, crashing into each other in the kitchen, and an overall hectic pace.

While it is normal to experience stress during peak restaurant hours, help your staff learn how to remain calm and collected. Be sure that your management demonstrates patience during busy times as well. Make sure everyone knows that safety is more important than rushing to finish a task.

#3: Create Strict Policies

It is important that your staff members know what is expected of them at all times. Were they ever trained in kitchen safety? Did you provide a manual outlining the do’s and don’ts of working in your restaurant? If you don’t have clear, strict policies in place, it will be hard to enforce safety consistently. Be sure everyone is on the same page and knows how to keep the workplace safe.

#4: Clean The Kitchen Frequently

One of the biggest reasons slipping and falling is so common in the restaurant business is because of the grease, grime, and pooling water that frequently builds up on floors. Make sure that your staff is constantly cleaning up spills, mopping up standing water, and properly disposing of grease.

Each day, time should be spent scrubbing down the floors of your kitchen, utilizing grease fighting cleaners.

#5: Invest In Non-Slip Flooring

Finally, one of the best investments you can make for your restaurant is a non-slip floor coating. Anti-slip floor coatings act as a protective barrier as well as offering improved traction for your employees. In a busy kitchen, these non-slip floor coatings are a must. These coatings work to remove grease build-up while maintaining a floor that has adequate traction. You can have these anti-slip coatings installed in the kitchen, the dining area, and bathrooms. This offers protection for your guests as well.

For further information or to schedule the installation of an anti-slip floor coating at your restaurant, contact our team at SlipTech today.