5 Tips to Avoid Slips and Other Accidents

With slips, trips, and other similar accidents accounting for up to 15 percent of all Workers’ Compensation claims, it’s imperative you take the proper steps to make your workplace safer for everyone around. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of five ways you can help your workplace stay a slip-free zone. At SlipTech, we’re proud to offer many different anti-slip flooring solutions for residential and commercial use. Call us today to learn more about how we can make your home or workplace safer.

-Keep it Clean

One of the most important things you can do to keep people safe at your place of work is to ensure everyone practices good housekeeping habits. Keeping a building clean and organized helps avoid accidents while providing detailed instructions and responsibilities in the event an accident does occur. Establish a housekeeping program that is implemented into the daily routine of workers, with a focus on personal responsibility for cleaning up after themselves.

-Minimize Slippery Surfaces

If at any point something is spilled on the floor, it should be cleaned up quickly. A well-placed wet floor sign will notify anyone passing by that they should be cautious when walking by. In the winter time, snow should be shoveled and ice treated to avoid accidents when someone is coming in from outside. Doormats and rugs are very helpful to allow people to dry off their shoes so they are safe and don’t create a slipping hazard as they walk. Where it is possible, apply an anti-skid paint or coating (like what Slip Tech offers) to the floor to help reduce the risk of slipping.

-Avoid Clutter and Obstacles

Many accidents occur when clutter, equipment, materials, or other obstacles are placed haphazardly in walkways. This makes it vital to keep aisles, corridors, entranceways, and stairwells clear of any unnecessary items that could present a risk. Keep aisles and hallways clear of cords, cables, or air hoses, as they are very easy to trip over. Make sure workers in an office environment close file cabinet drawers after they’re done with them.

-Proper Lighting

When you can’t see where you’re walking and the floor beneath you, accidents are bound to happen. You won’t be able to see if there are obstacles ahead or whether the surface is slick, which means you’re unprotected. This makes proper lighting invaluable to providing a safe environment for workers. Make sure any broken fixtures, switches, or cords are repaired quickly to ensure there is enough light at all times.

-Proper Footwear

Depending on the environment, certain shoes are better than others. Dress shoes and heels are not known for their traction, which increases the risks of slipping. Construction sites should require work boots with enough traction to avoid slipping in case of mud or other environmental hazards. Restaurants benefit from workers wearing non-skid or slip-resistant shoes.

Making your workplace a safer environment for everyone is important to avoid injuries and costly workers’ compensation claims. Follow these tips to prevent dangerous slips and other accidents. Does your restaurant have linoleum or tile flooring? Call SlipTech today to learn about how we can make it safer with our anti-slip products. We hope to hear from you soon!