We are in the heart of the winter season, which means one thing: lots of moisture. Depending on where you live, you could be dealing with lots of rain, sleet, hail, or snow (maybe all four!). While the colder weather might come as a relief to many of you, it does mean another thing: yellow caution signs at the entrances of many businesses and storefronts. The wet weather can be dangerous when the moisture enters into buildings and sloshes around on the ground surfaces.

Homeowners and business owners alike are all thinking of ways to keep their entryway surfaces, as well as all surfaces around the property, dry and safe so that no one slips and falls. Slip and fall accidents can happen during any time of the year, but especially so during the winter months when it’s easy to track in some form of water when the door opens. Continue reading this blog post to learn how you can avoid slipping and falling on wet surfaces this winter season. Call the SlipDoctors for more advice!

Put Down A Big Doorstep Mat

If you have a small mat at the front of the door, or a thin one in the entryway of your business, it’s time to upgrade. Unfortunately, that small, thin decorative mat isn’t going to be able to absorb the rainwater and snow that comes in with you via your shoes. If you’re a business owner, find a thicker, more sturdy mat or rug that you can lay down around the entrance so that your visitors and customers can wipe off their feet immediately and thoroughly before spreading moisture all over the floor.

Get Durable Winter Footwear

While we tend to think of big winter snow boots as outdoor gear, they can play a role in keeping you safe while indoors, too. Slipping outside is one thing, but we’re talking inside surfaces today. If you’re in the garage of your home, or walking around in a store, your chances of slipping and sliding increase when you’ve just trudged through rain or snow, but with durable shoes that have good traction on the bottom, your chances of slipping inside decrease just as much as they do when you’re outside walking around in the moisture.

Install Anti-Slip Flooring Treatments

Whether you own a business and are wanting to keep your employees and visitors safe from slipping or falling, or you’re a homeowner wanting to keep your friends and family safe, it’s best to install an anti-slip flooring treatment to surfaces that come in contact with the winter’s moisture. No matter how wet the surface is, you can rest assured that those who walk through your building or house are kept safe from slipping, falling, and hurting themselves. Keep your floors as safe from the slick water, ice, and snow with an anti-slip floor coating.

SlipTech’s Anti-Slip Flooring Solutions

As non-slip flooring specialists, it is our job to keep your surfaces resistant to slipping and falling. This winter, ensure that those who come in contact with your wintry, wet entryway surfaces are out of danger by installing anti-slip coatings and solutions from SlipTech. Take a look at our services and products online, and contact us today to get a quote.