Industries That Can Benefit From Our Anti-Slip Technology

Safety is a key component for every type of business, especially ones that have customers coming in on a regular basis. Slip Tech takes pride in our ability to make floors safer in the event of slippery circumstances. Today, we’re going to talk about a few of the industries that can benefit from our anti-slip technology. Whether you’re a business owner or someone that wants to make their home a bit safer, we can help! Call Slip Tech today to learn more about our selection of anti-slip services.

-Mechanic Shops

If you’ve ever stepped inside an auto shop, you know how messy it is. As oil and other fluids are changed and drained, splashback will end up on the floor of the garage, turning it into a slipping hazard. That doesn’t even account for automotive work done during poor weather conditions when cars and trucks track in ice, snow, and rain. With the anti-slip services provided by Slip Tech, you can ensure the safety of both customers and mechanics in your garage.


As one of the locations where the most slip and fall accidents take place, restaurants need to place floor safety at the top of their priorities. OSHA regulations already require all restaurant staff to wear anti-slip footwear, but that only goes so far. In both the kitchen and dining area, food and drinks can be spilled and make slipping a potential issue. Protect your staff and your customers with non-slip flooring treatment.

-Swimming Pools

There are few things as refreshing as a dip in the pool, or as relaxing as kicking back in the hot tub. Whether at a recreation center or a hotel, it’s important to note the hazards connected with these leisure activities. After all, a sign warning swimmers against running around the pool can only go so far. Help them stay safe with Slip Tech’s slip resistant or non-slip flooring products.

-Retail Stores

While your store might not sell anything that could create a slipping hazard, that doesn’t mean customers bringing in drinks or tracking in snow won’t happen. Unless your store is entirely covered in carpet, you likely have a floor that can become slippery when this occurs. Keep customers and staff safe with non-slip floor treatment.


When patients come to the doctor or hospital, they’re already dealing with some sort of health problem. You don’t want to create a new issue with a slip and fall accident, especially with how messy it can get in the healthcare field. Additionally, you wouldn’t want your staff to become your next patient if they end up slipping on something they didn’t see. Slip Tech offers a perfect non-slip flooring product that won’t look out of place in your facility.

For business owners, safety is paramount for protecting anyone who enters your building while avoiding potential costly lawsuits that can come from an accident. If you want to make your commercial space safer for both your customers and your employees. Call Slip Tech today to learn more about our anti-slip flooring products and which one will fit the best for your specific industry. You don’t have to take our word for this, of course. Check out the testimonials we’ve received from happy customers such as Fairfield Inn by Marriott and the YMCA. We hope to hear from you soon!