Keeping your property safe is about more than locking the doors at night. You also need your space to be safe for everyone within it. Many times, people fail to understand just how important the surface they walk on is to their safety; we just take it for granted. As the owner of a home or business, you need to make sure the walkways, stairs, and paths are safe. This is especially important for business owners, who can be plagued by personal injury claims if neglect on their properties leads to injury. Personal injury cases can also be troublesome for homeowners. Basically, if someone is injured on your private or commercial property due to neglect on your part, you can be in legal trouble, and no one wants that.

In today’s blog, we want to dive into the things you can do to make sure that your property is at its safest. By doing your due diligence, you can protect yourself and anyone on your property.

Key Ways to Reduce Slips and Falls on Your Property

Pay special attention to stairs and railings.

  • When it comes to risky surfaces, stairs are often at the top of the list and everyone knows it. Just a single step into a shop can surprise and trip up customers as they enter and exit. Entire staircases are always fall risks, especially if they get damp. The key is understanding is that construction quality only goes so far. The best-constructed staircase in the world can become as dangerous as a rickety one if you spill on it or weather makes it icy.
  • When it comes to stairs, take the time to ensure they’re in great shape at all times. Don’t forget to make sure the railings are solid and able to help anyone who loses their¬†balance. If railings aren’t installed, get them! If there are rugs at the top and/or bottom of the stairs, make sure they are secured or removed. Lastly, you don’t ever want your staircase to be dark. Ensure that all stairs are well-lit whether you have two or twenty.

Wrangle loose cords.

  • Everything has a cord nowadays. Whether you’re getting a lamp into a lonely corner, managing tons of cables in an office, or using powered hand tools, cables can snag fast-moving feet and lead to trips and falls. Even if you stow cords away, they have a way of getting out and causing problems. Do whatever you can to capture them under rugs, behind desks, and on the backsides of walls. You may not have the chance to change your building’s original design, but if you do, focus on getting internet jacks, power outlets, and phone plugs where they can be used without trailing cords all around.

Keep an eye on the condition of the floor.

  • Floors put up with a lot of abuse whether they’re bare concrete, wood, tile, or carpet. Grow an understanding of the challenges your flooring deals with, whether it’s foot traffic, forklift tires, or loaded carts. The circumstances and flooring material will determine what kind of damage your floor experiences. Keep in mind that, if you’re a business owner, the walkways outside your business must also be considered. Chips, cracks, odd slants, and missing chunks can lead to anyone losing their footing, so keeping your floors in good repair.

Install SlipTech’s anti-slip flooring.

  • Making sure that your floor is not just finished but also safe in wet conditions is absolutely possible when you use SlipTech’s world-class anti-slip floor treatments. Our products are made to handle many different environments, so whether you’re equipping a private pool deck or a gigantic warehouse, SlipTech is your answer. All of our products come with what you need to have a successful installation.

Why You Should Choose SlipTech

The greatest part of shopping with us is that you can explore options that won’t just deliver the practical benefits you need, but the aesthetic advantages you want as well. Our floor treatments can completely transform a space, making it look finished, safe, and elegant. We have products for both interior and exterior spaces, making it possible for you to capture the look you want while enhancing the safety of your space. Shop today!

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