Staying steady on your feet is a lot easier when you aren’t standing on a slippery surface! Water, spills, and material choices can all make floors slippery where we least expect it, leading to trips, falls, and possible injury. At SlipTech, we’re in the business of empowering home and business owners to protect their properties, themselves, their employees, their customers, and their families from dangerously slick surfaces. In our last blog, we explored some important things you can do to reduce slip and fall risks around your property. Today, we have a few more tips!

Key Ways to Reduce Slips and Falls on Your Property

Place warning signs carefully.

  • Sometimes, pieces of sidewalks get pushed up by tree roots or someone drops a heavy object on the floor and cracks the perfect surface. Additionally, every property has places that consistently create dangerous conditions. For instance, sidewalks on the north sides of buildings can build up ice and stubbornly refuse to clear up for weeks. There are also times when walking surfaces may become more dangerous than usual, like when they are being cleaned. In cases like these, you need to do your due diligence by putting up signs.
  • Making signs applies largely to business owners, but homeowners can benefit from wisely-placed warning signs, too. Signs are your chance to let visitors know they need to be careful without having to stand there and tell them yourself one-by-one. They are also an important way to put yourself in a good legal position should someone get injured on your property. The key is placing the sign in an obvious place. Signs can be used to draw attention to loose rocks, steps, uneven steps, and gaps. You can also spray-paint or tape steps and uneven walkways to make sure people see what.

Consider rugs.

  • If you think rugs and worry about them creating tripping hazards instead of solving them, you aren’t alone. However, rugs can be excellent solutions when you have tile, vinyl, or any type of surface that can be very slick. Adding throw rugs can make all the difference. You just need to make sure that you put a non-skid pad beneath the rugs. If you’re dealing with a more utilitarian setting, rubber throw rugs will give you the grip you need. Just keep an eye on rugs to make sure they aren’t curling up in the corners.

Provide steps up where needed.

  • If you have a commercial property where employees and/or customers need to get up high and reach things, make stepstools and ladders readily available. You don’t want people struggling to reach things and falling. When safe options aren’t easily accessible, people will settle for chairs, tables, and desks, which aren’t as stable or safe.
  • Many different venues can benefit from helpful ways to reach up high. From libraries to grocery stores to commercial kitchens to personal pantries and garages, getting that reach up where it needs to be in a safe way makes all the difference. Our nonstick epoxy floor coatings will give a great surface for a ladder or stepstool!

Give your floors an anti-slip coating.

  • Rugs, stepstools, and signs are all well and good, but if you really want to make your floors as safe and beautiful as possible, it’s time to look into SlipTech’s epoxy floor coatings. Made to stand the test of time, our floor finishes can be customized to suit any space. We have treatments, coatings, and tapes for both outdoor and indoor spaces to ensure that you have the full range of options you need.

Why You Should Turn to SlipTech

  • Need to improve traction on a stone or tile floor without losing its beauty? Our Stone-Grip treatment is OSHA-recommended and will improve the safety levels of the floor whether it’s wet or dry.
  • Want to stop slipping on your wood floor? Our Floor-Grip sealer is clear to maximize beauty while providing a surface that is not only safe but resistant to scratches and chemicals. This is the tough floor coating that can extend the life of your floor by years and years.
  • Need to create a safe deck around a pool? Our Deck-O-Grip is designed to resist salt and chlorine to stay beautiful as it coats concrete, pavers, and beyond to create a safe surface for wet feet.

Shop our epoxy floor coatings today!

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