We all walk on floors every day, and though we do our best to stay steady and navigate the world carefully, it isn’t always as easy as it seems. Doing what we can to make sure that the floors of our homes and businesses are tough and non-slip is worth it. At SlipTech, we create products that are easy to apply in a wide variety of locations. In our last blog, we explored a few things you can do beyond floor coatings to prevent slips and falls. Today, we have a few last tips!

Key Ways to Reduce Slips and Falls on Your Property

Maintain good lighting.

  • You know when and where people will be in your building and on your property. Keeping the lighting great at all times is key to making sure the property is safe and secure. You want people to be able to see where they’re putting their feet, so make sure all steps and walkways are well-lit both inside and outside. Check for parts of your home or business that are normally dim or tend to get dark once the sun goes down and get some lighting in there.
  • By taking some time to carefully ensure that your lighting is spot-on, you ensure that you’re completing your due diligence. Lighting not only helps people avoid tripping and slipping, it discourages burglars. Save money by investing in energy-efficient bulbs that will work for you for years without burning out.

Keep up with clutter.

  • Depending on your setting and the purpose of your property, clutter can be a challenge. Unfortunately, clutter becomes an instant tripping hazard. Combine clutter with bad lighting or spills, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for disaster. You may have an environment with many employees who bring in bags or other belongings, and if this is the case, give them safe storage solutions. If you function in more of a workshop setting, keep tools and materials in their proper places. Investing time and energy into making storage easy and accessible will go a long way toward keeping clutter out of areas where it can trip people up.
  • When you have clutter, it isn’t just a tripping risk. It can also cause and disguise spills. Depending on the liquids you work with, spills can be especially dangerous. The SlipTech floor treatments we sell can handle any environment and make it more safe by preventing slips and falls. It can also act as a strong barrier between the elements and whatever material makes up your floor.

Resolve spills immediately.

  • Some types of workplaces deal with more spills than others. For instance, commercial kitchens can have pretty slick floors despite stringent cleaning processes. Garages are also places where liquids can get loose and make footing dangerous for everyone. Unfortunately, spills don’t just impact the safety of a space, they can also penetrate the flooring and cause stains. By cleaning the spills up quickly, you prevent them from causing permanent damage to your property (and your people).
  • Some spills do damage quickly, so make sure your floors have a first line of defense by coating them with SlipTech’s treatments. Our products are not known for their anti-slip properties only, but their effectiveness in preserving floors and helping them look beautiful for years.

Coat your floors with non-stick treatments.

  • When you take care of your floor, the rest of the room has a solid foundation. At SlipTech, we understand that flooring materials have come a long way and offer many benefits, but sometimes, they need that extra little layer of practical protection. We believe that you can enjoy the beauty of whatever flooring material you’ve chosen without sacrificing it to achieve a functional, non-slip surface.

Shop Our Anti-Slip Products

Need a non-stick surface that can be applied to any surface and keep you steady on your feet in wet or dry conditions? You need DuraGrip, our W/B Epoxy coating. It delivers a textured surface for maximum grip and can be easily applied with a brush. We can provide DuraGrip in custom colors to preserve the aesthetic of whatever place you’re applying it.

Do you have a ramp, walkway, or floor that has got to be both tough and anti-skid? You need our Tuff Grip floor coating. It goes on quickly and dries in no time to ensure your space is ready to go quickly. Even better, it is environmentally friendly!