Stay Safe This Summer


People tend to think about snow and ice when the topic of slips and falls comes up. This makes sense because icy stairs and sidewalks are very slippery. Home and property owners can be liable for the injuries of anyone who falls on their property if they haven’t cleared their premises of ice and snow hazards. However, even though winter brings several significant slipping risks, summer comes with its own risks, and you can still be liable for injuries if you haven’t taken the time to slip-proof dangerous areas.

At SlipTech, we provide a full range of anti-slip floor coatings to meet every need. Whether you need to preserve the beauty of a wood deck or the stairs to your warehouse get dangerously slick when it rains, we have a product to suit your needs. We not only provide world-class floor coatings, we want to provide education that empowers home and business owners to protect themselves and their properties from slip and fall accidents.

Slip and Fall Risks Unique to Summertime

It can be easy to dismiss surfaces as safe when they are dry. However, all it takes is a little precipitation or a spill to make the area very dangerous. We hope this blog changes the way you look at your property.

Summer Storms

  • When it’s been a hot day, an afternoon thunderstorm can be a true relief. However, even a thin layer of water can take a once-safe surface and make it quite dangerous. Common culprits include entrances, lobbies, stairways, and aisles of commercial spaces. Additionally, when rainwater combines with car oil in the parking lot and gets trekked indoors, it can make those floors even slicker.

Boating Trips

  • There’s nothing like getting out on the lake when the hot days of June, July, and August roll in. If you are lucky enough to have a boat, you’re also exposed to a bunch of slip and fall risks every time you enjoy it. Though there’s a good chance your boat has some non-slip coatings, the dock may not. And once spray, dirt, and slime combine on the deck, things can get really slick. Additionally, if you let your boat get overcrowded, the odds someone will slip and fall get a bunch higher. Make sure you explore our non-slip coatings for your boat.

Swimming Pools

  • We have mentioned swimming pools in previous blogs, and we’re coming back to them because they are one of the most common places where people fall in the summer. Running kids, scattered toys, and splashed water can turn a pool from a fun place to a dangerous place. If you have a pool, coat the surfaces around it with our product to ensure the surface maintains its grip even when wet.

Shop Our Anti-Slip Coatings

At SlipTech, we have worked hard to make sure that our non-slip coatings can be used in any scenario and application. Check out our wide variety of anti-slip products and invest in our easy-to-install kits. Contact us with any questions!