Summer Pool Safety – Part 2


There’s nothing like a pool of turquoise water. Even the smell of the chlorine can take us back to happy days as children. If you were the family on the block who had a pool of your own, you were sure to be popular, and that rule still applies today. When staying at a hotel, it’s great when they have a pool. Vacations are made better by pools. There’s just something about water that brings fun, luxury, and relaxation to any space. With summer on its way, pools will be seeing more traffic than ever, and with the increase in traffic comes an increase in injuries.

Half the fight is dealing with slick floors. We all love tiles for pool decks, but get those things wet, and you’ve got a dangerous situation on your hands. Keeping your pool deck safe whether it’s in your backyard or in your hotel doesn’t have to be extremely complex. You just need to invest in the right product, which means you should invest with SlipTech. We have epoxy floor coatings that won’t only keep you and your guests safe, but stand up to weather, wear, and tear for years.

In our last blog, we discussed things you can do to keep people safe around your pool. Today, we have some more ideas for you!

Summer Pool Safety – Part 2

  • Handle electrical equipment correctly. Special lighting, fans, and other features can take any pool to the next level. However, you’ve got a big bowl of conductive liquid into which people will submerge themselves, and this is actually a pretty life-threatening scenario if your electronics aren’t handled correctly. Fight the urge to do it yourself and find a professional you trust to set up any electronic features.
  • Align with local ordinances and codes. Whether you’re running a hotel pool or a personal one, you’ll need to make sure it fulfills the codes about pools. These codes are designed to promote and maintain quality and safety, and failing to follow them can be very expensive.
  • Consider putting an alarm bell near the pool. If something goes wrong, you’ll want to be able to attract help as soon as possible. Depending on who will be using your pool and where it is located, having an alarm bell installed near the pool can be a great, simple solution.
  • Create a list of rules that must be followed by anyone who uses your pool. Here are some great items to include:
    • No one swims alone.
    • No rough play.
    • No running.
    • No pushing others into the pool.
    • Always go feet-first down water slides.
    • Make sure other swimmers are out of the way before you jump or dive in.
    • Swimming after eating, taking medications, or drinking alcohol is prohibited.
  • Stay on top of maintenance. Usage, wear and tear, and the elements will all break parts of your pool down. You’ll want to keep an eye on the pool and any equipment around it to ensure it’s at its best. Check for sharp edges and make sure all ladders are sturdy so anyone who uses them can trust them. Also keep an eye on high-traffic areas to make sure that your non-slip floor coating is still doing its job. Our epoxy floor coatings are made to last for years, so if yours is wearing out, now is the perfect opportunity to invest!

Protect Your Floors and Yourself with SlipTech

The floors around your pool will be damp pretty much all of the time. As a result, they can be very slick and present danger to anyone walking on them. Additionally, people tend to run along pools even though they all know it’s dangerous. Doing everything you can to make people’s feet stay on your floors can only help. You can turn to rubber mats, but once a floor gets wet enough, even mats won’t stay in place. In short, you cannot trust them. However, you can trust our floor coatings. They adhere directly to your floor and transform its vulnerable and/or slick surface into a tough surface that not only takes a lot of wear a tear, but keeps people steady on their feet while wet. Our kits come with instructions and everything you need to transform your floors, so shop our collection today!