The Best Locations To Utilize Epoxy Floor Coatings


Previously, we discussed the array of benefits that epoxy floor coatings provide. From improved traction to better durability, epoxy floor coatings are a wonderful and affordable option for sealing concrete floors. Not only do they allow you to keep your concrete floor protected from wear and tear, but they also offer an aesthetically pleasing stain.

Due to the wide array of benefits that are provided through the installation of epoxy floor coatings, they are a great fit for numerous locations around both your home and business. Check out the following locations where you might consider the installation of an epoxy coating.


Whether it is a commercial garage or just your home garage, an epoxy floor coating is a perfect choice for this space. Not only will your garage floors look like new when you add an epoxy coating, but they will also be protected against common spills and damages. This is perfect for the homeowner who works in their garage often or the business owner who wants their garage floors to last for many years to come.

Decks And Patios

When it comes to decks and patios, the weather can take a toll on the surfaces of these areas. From stormy weather to foot traffic, these locations undergo a lot of wear and tear. Adding an epoxy coating to your decks and patios will help keep them protected and looking new.

Loading Docks And Ramps

If you run a business with a loading dock or ramp, consider an epoxy coating installation in these areas. Heavy objects can damage the ramps and docks, which is why epoxy coatings are a great choice. Not only will they keep these surfaces protected, but they will also add another layer of traction to help keep employees safe on the job.


Stairs are another wonderful location for epoxy coatings. The coating can help keep the stair edges from being nicked or crumbling over time. It can also ensure that there is better traction on outdoor stairways where water might cause the area to be slick.

Storage Rooms

Many storage rooms are located below ground, in dark damp areas. Protecting these floors and keeping traction strong is a must. An epoxy floor coating can help ensure that even when people are moving heavy belongings too and from the area, the floors are unscathed

Factory Floors

If you have a busy factory, your floors are taking the brunt of the work day’s wear and tear. Make sure these floors are protected from foot traffic, as well as chemical spills, with an epoxy floor coating.

Business Entrances

Is the entryway into your business looking a bit drab? Depending on the flooring type, an epoxy floor coating could be a perfect choice. Epoxy floor coatings work best on undamaged concrete and other similar surfaces. Choose an epoxy floor coating with a stain color of your choice to help your entryway look brand new.


From commercial kitchens to your own kitchen at home, epoxy floor coatings can help seal your floor and protect it against common kitchen spills. The coating will also ensure that everyone can move around the kitchen with ease, due to the added traction offered.


When you think of an area in your home or business where water spills are a guarantee, your bathroom is sure to come to mind. Having an epoxy floor coating installed can help keep the surface protected against standing water and other common spills.

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